Free videos to help you qualify as a CA(SA)

Some offers make me suspicious because they seem too good to be true. Imagine someone saying that there are over 40 hours of videos explaining tricky Financial Reporting, Taxation, Auditing and Management Accounting and Finance concepts. Most of these videos are then translated into isiXhosa, Sesotho, Xitsonga and isiZulu and after a free once-off registration, you can watch them as many times as you want, FOR FREE. All of this is available at, which is brought to you by the UCT College of Accounting, GetSmarter and FASSET.

Here are the answers to some FAQ’s about LearnAccounting:

Are the videos decent quality? Yes – World class lecturers and superb editing skills combine to make complex topics understandable.

Are the topics relevant? Have you ever struggled with Deferred Tax (4 videos), Hedge Accounting and Tax Rate recons? How about Valuations or Standard Costing? Or even how to use your financial calculator properly? All of these and more are available on the website.

Is this really free? Yes – FASSET have made this possible.

This website was officially launched only in February 2015 but already there are nearly 10,000 students registered. Why not be one of them?



Paul Maughan

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