How to become a Knowledge Athlete

If you are qualifying as a CA(SA), you are a professional athlete of the mind, that is why I sometimes joke with my students that they should play the SA national anthem just before they write the Board Exams!

All professional athletes know that preparation is key and all CA(SA) students should think like that too.

That is why I made a series of videos for the UCT Board Course (where I lecture on the ITC and APC courses) on all that I’ve learnt about exam preparation.  They are all short videos that I hope are helpful.

Video 1 = Introduction to what it means to be a Knowledge Athlete – not a sunny optimist or gloomy pessimist but a practical realist! The importance of visualisation.  “Sacrifice one small thing in life, in order to give your all in another” Chad le Clos

Video 2 = The crucial distinction between “hygiene” and “motivating” factors. Understanding these factors will take your studies to the next level by removing obstacles and getting your motivated.

Video 3 = This video deals with comments that my students make that make me nervous! Watch this video and maybe identify a few errors that you should stop making.  I also discuss the top 10 mistakes that students make, according to SAICA.

Video 4 = The final video deals with your performance on the day.  It contains great advice on making sure that all your hard work gets translated into marks on the day of the exam.

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Paul Maughan

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