9 reasons why tutoring is a great job when you are a student

Every year we go through the process of selecting tutors and I often wonder,”Who should have applied to be a tutor but did not because they didn’t know any better?”.  Here is my list to get you motivated to apply!

  1. It is on campus

It’s not as onerous as other student jobs from a logistics point of view.  Step out of your own lectures and into a tutorial a few buildings away.  No mess, no fuss.

  1. Teaches you about marking

Once you’ve marked, the manner in which you answer questions will never be the same again.  You will experience the need for showing workings, not wasting time on long wordy sentences etc.

  1. Get to bond with new people

Tutors will often be people you have seen in lectures/tutorials but who you have never actually spoken to.  This can all change on a week-by-week basis and you get to know each other.

  1. You understand something better once you’ve taught it

Sometimes it is only at the whiteboard when explaining something that it’ll click for the first time.  That feeling makes tutoring totally worthwhile.  It allows you to go back to basics and deeply understand the key concepts of the discipline.

  1. It may be what makes you come alive

Maybe a career in education is what makes you come alive and you will not know that until you try.  Becoming a tutor opens that door to experience another profession other than accounting.  It is also a huge bonus when applying to be become an Academic Trainee (click here for more info on this).

  1. Great public speaking skills enhancer

Getting up in front of people and talking can be intimidating.  When it is material that you are comfortable with, the process is less daunting and it can be a fantastic starting point for overcoming your apprehension.

  1. Rewarding to help others

At the end of the tut you can often get a deep sense of satisfaction that you were able to make a difference.  It feels good to help clarify hard concepts for others!

  1. Enhances your experience of tutorials that you attend

Now that you have experienced “the other side”, you are able to appreciate the tutorials that you still have to attend as a student.  You see the process through new eyes and can learn more than just accounting but also good teaching techniques when attending tuts from now on.

  1. Shows initiative to prospective employers

People are often fearful that their marks will drop if they take on the extra responsibility of tutoring.  My thought is that employers do not just want people with great marks and not much else by way of experience.  Tutoring shows that you take initiative and employers value that.

Negative aspects of becoming a tutor:

  • Marking can be boring. Who am I kidding, marking IS boring.
  • Obviously means better time management skills when your own studies get hectic.
  • Scary if you don’t like speaking to a group of people.

The cost-benefit analysis is clear – apply to be a tutor!

Paul Maughan

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