Business websites that are worth your time

In line with encouraging you to read further, I have collected up a few business websites that are worth the investment of your time.  I am not a regular reader of all of these but if I have something that I want to investigate, these are the places where I have found the greatest assistance:

Financial Times – the best business daily in the world but it also has a paywall.  Check your library access though because most campuses do have a subscription.

The Economist – do not get put off by the title, this is the best weekly publication you could treat yourself to.

Business Insider – a mix of business and pleasure, this site can contain great links to interesting stories originally posted elsewhere.  It is focused on American business.

Moneyweb + Biznews – South African business news and interviews.

Business Day the SA newspaper which does the best job of analysing the latest business news.  It has a paywall after a few articles though.

Google News – this is where Google curate the most popular business news stories of the day.  You can unearth some interesting developments here and I tend to check this most days when I am in the office.

AccountancySA – SAICA’s publication – it contains articles on topical issues that are worth reading, these are the people that set the board exams after all!

Investopedia Industry Handbooks – great overview of the big industries and although it is from an American perspective, it is worth browsing.  This website also covers a lot of the CFA syllabus.

Aswath Damodaran – this man is “lecturer to the lecturers”.  His site contains notes, quizzes and more.  Lots of topics covered but Valuations and Corporate Finance are especially good.  Also check out his blog. – is something that we are really proud of: a partnership between the UCT College of Accounting, Getsmarter and FASSET to create video resources on key accounting topics in a variety of languages, and to make them freely available to anyone. Check them out and spread the word!

Financial Management – this publication from CIMA includes mini-cases from industry, topical articles and ethical questions.

Fortune – although focusing mainly on issues facing American companies, the articles still give you a good idea of the issues that are important to business executives.

Bloomberg Markets – this contains really good investigative journalism and interviews with business leaders who share great insights.

Economia – this publication does contain more articles from an audit perspective but it is topical and in-depth.  It is published by the UK “SAICA”.

Besides being of interest, the more you read, the faster your communication and business skills will improve.  What other websites should we be checking out?

Paul Maughan


  1. No Financial Mail?

    I find their journalism invaluable if you would like to understand the SA economy and the players in the market. I find them to be balanced and fair in their writing, always providing an honest appraisal of the news, unlike so of the other, more Tabloid like, periodicals.

    Additionally they tend to have very deep dives into major topics of interest.

    • Excellent addition Stephen. I get a free copy of the FM from my father-in-law every week (he travels a lot and gets them from the airport lounges). I agree that it is the best we have in SA at the moment. I read it hardcopy and thats probably why I didn’t think to include the website. Here is the link team –

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