The Accounting Lounge

Studying to become a CA(SA) is hard and it can also be lonely.  The complex subject matter, heavy IFRS textbooks, long exams and high expectations of friends and family.

This brief post is simply to suggest that you reward yourself after a study session with 10 minutes at The Accounting Lounge.

This Facebook group is all about “Making accounting jokes, inspiring those in the journey of becoming Chartered Accountants and updates on the accounting industry.” and already has over 6000 fans.

Join in and realise that you are not alone!

Paul Maughan


  1. Hi Paul,
    I came across your blog on one of the UNISA CTA groups and love all your posts!
    I read your bio and saw that you Pastor at Common Ground. May I ask which congregation it is? I’ve been thinking of visiting the tokai congregation. I am a part-time B.Acc student at UNISA and my journey has been a challenge haha but faith makes it possible, and hard work!


    • Hi Ashton – thank you for getting in touch! I am part of the Rondebosch congregation that meets on Sunday evenings. It is close to the Rondebosch Common (and UCT) and has mostly students and young adults. Tokai is also a great option – ask for Don if you want to find a good guy who is a friend of mine. All the best with the graft this year!

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