Writing ITC 2017? “Practice like you will play”

I had the privilege of playing 2nd team rugby in 1997. It was a privilege because the 1st team player in my position was Gcobani Bobo, who went on to represent South Africa and can now be heard commentating on SuperSport. I will never forget practicing against him three times a week. At times it would be brutal with Gcobani literally smashing me into the ground (see the video of this tackle as an example).

At first I looked at him in horror and complained along the lines of “Just chill bro, it’s only practice”. He would always say the same thing in response, “Practice like you will play”.

It didn’t happen straight away but I slowly started to think like he did. Every moment you have a choice – you can coast along and take the easy route of “going through the motions” or you can “Practice like you will play” and put in 100% effort even if there isn’t a single person watching.

For the next few weeks many university students across South Africa will be studying without a single person watching. You have an opportunity to “Practice like you will play”. It will not be easy. Your study venue might be cold, the person sniffling next to you might have a cold and some challenging work might leave you cold!

My encouragement is that you see every day as an opportunity to give it your all. Gcobani Bobo taught me that and I want to pass on that lesson!

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Paul Maughan

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  1. Thanks Paul for this source of wisdom
    I was waiting for a weekly post to keep me consistent
    Truly Amazing ??

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