The CA(SA) journey – the obstacle is the way

Becoming a CA(SA) is hard work.  It is the same for those that want to start successful businesses, study medicine or become engineers.  Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily.

You might look at the studies that lie ahead of you as a giant rock.  You push hard against that rock every day.  Some days the rock moves forward, but on other days it rolls back.  Every day leaves you tired.  You get frustrated, have moments of breakthrough and then failure again.  At the end of the year, you ask, “Was that worth it?  Did the rock move far enough?”.

That is when you need to stop and look at a mirror.

What do you see?  If you have applied yourself, shown grit throughout the year, what you will see is amazing.  You will notice that you are standing taller.  Your shoulders are developed and so are your arms and legs.  You look like one of those “After” photos that they show in those adverts.

It finally dawns on you.  You thought the year was all about moving the rock but it actually was about your development.

At universities across SA there are students pushing the rock every day.  There are no shortcuts.  Just hard work which results in amazing development.  Roll up your sleeves and keep pushing!  The obstacle is the way.

Paul Maughan

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