5 reasons why UCT Board Course APC students perform better

For all three years of the APC exam, UCT Board Course students have achieved a pass rate higher than the national average and greater than 90%.  As the lead presenter of the course, I have loved working with dedicated and talented trainees that now have the letters CA(SA) behind their names!

I have given some thought to why our students have done so well, here are my Top 5 reasons:

  1. You part of a learning community

The APC is in an entirely new exam format for those writing – the sooner our students get informed the better. That is why your first lectures are in the week beginning 3 April and access to our Virtual Learning Environment is even earlier.  You will soon be part of a learning community that celebrates best practice, discusses relevant matters on forums and has great flexibility.  UCT Board Course gives you first mover advantage as well as a learning community to move with!

  1. You get outstanding practice

When something is new, you can learn a lot about it beforehand but there is no substitute for experiencing it and learning through practice. From the start we will be exploring the APC paper that was written in 2016 and adding to it additional tasks that highlight the difference between ITC and APC type questions. We find that those who hear what to do are less equipped than those that are given loads of practice from the word go.

  1. You get outstanding feedback

Every practice opportunity is maximised as a learning opportunity, and extensive feedback is provided. This feedback is future focused and is designed to empower candidates to constantly improve. Feedback moments in APC 2017 will include: Foundation Phase assignment, Group case study, Mock exam, Business communication mentorship, Peer-marked individual assignment and the Final assessment.

  1. You get to work in teams

The bottom line is that the five days you get to research is a game-changer compared to other exams you have written in the past. Tackling the APC in teams is something we get you to practice right from the start.  We do not put you into teams – you get to choose who you want to work with.  Our Virtual Learning Environment also allows you to meet other team members in your city.  For more on how valuable teamwork is for the APC, read my blog post here.  Go fast, go alone.  Go far, go together!

  1. You get more than just CA(SA) success

We want all our students to be outstanding professionals that do not just add CA(SA) behind their names but take the designation higher through their future actions. We include real business news, look at best practice in integrated reporting, and provide guidance on new IFRS standards and tax updates. All of these are designed to create professionals that add value.


UCT Board Course is the only professional programme to have grown in student numbers every year.  Word of mouth is spreading the news that UCT Board Course equips you for more than just the APC exam but also for life as a professional.

We look forward to having you in the class of 2017!  Click here in order to register.

(Click here for more details on the APC 2016 results)


Paul Maughan

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