#APC2017 – The CA(SA) final exam results are out!

All you need to know about the #APC2017 results.

The UCT Board Course, continues it’s winning streak, by once again beating the national average.  This year the difference was huge!  UCT First timers 91% v 83% National average. UCT Repeats 62% v 53% National average.

UCT Board Course trainee’s also punched above their weight, with 6/14 places in Honours list.  That 42% representation is far higher than the market share of 20%.













Well done to Nicki, Callen, Josh, Wynand, St-John and Migael – we are very proud of your efforts.

If you are writing APC 2018, you need to carefully consider the professional programme that will partner you to greatness.  Look around the room today at your friends that are celebrating the end of a long journey and choose UCT Board Course!

Paul Maughan

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