Short audio clips on current affairs, what I am reading and SA business

Recently I have captured some of my thoughts into 2-4 min audio clips for Rooster, a great Cape Town based start-up.  You can download the app onto your phone and listen to my recording every week if you want, and here is a sample of what has been happening…

SARB cuts interest rates (20 July)

Do you know the 5 biggest companies in the world? (27 July)  You can read my more detailed post about these here.

SA needs jobs, this new JSE listing is aiming to provide student accommodation (3 August)

Lessons from the movie “The Founder”, which is all about Ray Kroc and MacDonald’s (11 August)

Bad news rocks the Steinhoff share price (24 August)

Preliminary thoughts on KPMG (21 September)

The 3G Capital story, a fantastic business to study (28 September)

Lessons on how to deal with uncertainty, from Shackleton’s Endurance expedition (5 October)

“What sources do you learn from?”  Where I share briefly about Farnam Street (12 October)

Why does Rand weakness not always boost exports? (18 October)

All of these stories have progressed since these recordings, I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Paul Maughan

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